Alle Fragen zu unserem Schienbeinschoner.

The optimal size depends on several factors, for example, whether you place more emphasis on agility or protection. Compare it with your current shin guards. Our size S is 165mm long, size M measures 190mm and size L has a length of 215mm.

The sleeves supplied with size S are ideal for a calf circumference of 26-38cm, size M and L can also be used for much stronger calves from 38cm to approx. 43cm thanks to a high spandex content (15%).

Our product testers in your size mostly chose size M. But the optimal size depends on several factors, for example, whether you attach more importance to agility or protection. Compare it with your current protectors. Panthergrip in size S is 165mm long, size M measures 190mm and size L has a length of 215mm.

The protector is made of durable polyamide and lightweight EVA foam.

The shin guards are 165mm, 190mm and 215mm long respectively and 38g, 51g and 54g light respectively.

It's simple, look for yourself:

Auf den Schienbeinschonern findest Du ein kleines "L" bzw. "R" für das von Dir aus linke bzw. rechte Bein. Diese Markierung muss sich beim Tragen unten befinden.

Bitte achte darauf, die Schienbeinschoner trocken aufzubewahren. Wir nutzen gesundheitlich besonders unbedenklichen Kleber auf Wasserbasis, der durch länger anhaltende Feuchtigkeit angegriffen wird. Bitte lagere die Schoner deshalb zum Beispiel nicht zusammen mit Deinem feuchten Trikot oder Handtuch.


Die Sleeves am besten mit der Hand in lauwarmen Wasser und etwas Seife vorsichtig waschen. Nicht in die Waschmaschine, nicht in den Trockner oder bügeln.


Our shin guards are designed for children and adults. For children we recommend size S.

The teeth only set into the first layer of fabric and do not pierce through. So you can pull the sleeve down normally and have the protectors off in a few seconds.

The serrated surface is completely covered by the included sleeve during play, so there is no risk of injury during normal use.

On the outer surface of the protectors are thousands of microscopic panther teeth, which settle into the fabric of the supplied sleeves and thus make slipping almost impossible.

11teamsports is the exclusive distributor of Panthergrip and sells the pads in their stores. Have a look there!

Panthergrip shin guards are absolutely slip-free, particularly ergonomic and also light and thin. So a shin guard, as footballers wish him.


All questions about our purchase process

We will send you your shin guards to Germany and Austria.

We believe that you will love the PANTHERGRIP shin guards! However, it may happen that they are damaged during transport or that you need a different size. In this case you can return your shin guards to us within 14 days of receipt - we will of course refund the full purchase price.

Hier findest du das Cancellation form. You can download it, print it, fill it out and send it back to us together with the protector. It is best to pack the pads gently and carefully in the original packaging. Thank you very much!

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